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We stock a wide selection of rugs at our carpet shop in Chester which are great for carpets and laminate flooring.

So if you are looking for rugs for your laminate floor or for a feature on your living room carpet come and see what we have to offer.

We are located by the traffic lights at the old Chester Zoo entrance on the A41 Ellesmere Port to Chester  road. See the map. We are easily reached from North Wales, Wirral, and the Cheshire towns of Northwich and Winsford.

Looking After your Rugs.


Vacuum your rug regularly to keep it clean.


Vacuuming will also keep the fibers from becoming packed down.


Do not use a vacuum with a beater on expensive Oriental or Indian rugs.


Keep your rug out of direct sunlight


Rotate your rugs at least once a month.


Vary the pathways on your Persian rug.


Move the furniture on the rug so walkways are changed.


This will stop wear patterns.


Clean up spills immediately.


Have your rugs cleaned every 6 - 12 months.


Clean all spills immediately.


Lay the rug flat. Wrinkles will cause uneven wear.


Straighten corners that curl under.

The History of Rugs.

Rug making began thousands of years ago.

The art of weaving rugs can be accurately dated as far back as the 5th Century BC to a rug dug out of the Pazyryk valley in Siberia. Preserved in ice, this rug was woven by hand over 2,500 years ago. The tradition is ancient.


Rugs were used as a way to keep warm, they were put on the floor or the walls to keep out draughts or to sleep on or use for prayer mats.

The raw material used was what was available at the time, so wool became the predominant material.  It was twisted into yarn and woven into heavy cloth producing the first rugs.  The weavers designed patterns and pictures that reflected what they could see in the world around them.

They often included a motif that showed who the weaver was and where the rug was made. The pictures, patterns and vibrant colours produced beautiful rugs.


Eastern Europe was inspired by the prayer rugs that came as the spread of the Islamic religion reached them.  The Princes then ruling large parts of India brought rugs and carpet weavers from Persia to India and an Indian tradition soon developed. At about the same time Marco Polo brought back samples of Oriental rugs to Western Europe. Rugs and carpets were popular with everyone who saw them.


 As rug making evolved and spread around the world, different materials became available, such as cotton, cashmere and silk and people experimented with them.  New patterns and motifs were introduced, synonymous with the different cultures, history and art. Rug making was becoming widespread and diverse. Rugs are now made all over the world. The traditional methods of rug weaving are still carried on today, using almost exactly the same methods and many of the old patterns as 2,000 years ago, China, India, Iran and Turkey  producing the best and most expensive.


One major innovation to appear was tufting and by the 1940s, the process had become mechanized. Today, many rugs are machine-made, making rugs and carpets available in a huge range of styles, colours and patterns and, of course much more affordable.


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