The Little Carpet Shop
Why are we unique ?

We endeavour to provide the best service for carpet and vinyl flooring in Chester.

We will move furniture and uplift existing carpet for anyone who is unable to do so.

We will cut up and bag old carpet for ease of removal.

If you are not able to dispose of old carpets please speak to Steve.

We provide genuine competitive prices.

For example there is a big carpet chain store in Chester that sells a range of carpet suggesting that it was 19.99m

but then offer you 50% off making it a "bargain" at 9.99m.

We have been selling that same carpet for the last year at 8.36m.

We cater to all budgets. We offer great deals for rental properties and full houses.

You will receive the same level of service whether you are spending 4.99m or 54.99m.

We believe in giving the best service with the best prices.

So call in and choose from over 1000 carpets and vinyl floor coverings.

We can also bring samples to you to choose at home.

Please phone Debbie or Ken. 01244 380308


One customer wrote to tell us how pleased she was with our service

Dear Debbie and Steve

I wanted to tell your customers how helpful you and your fitters were when they fitted our carpets.

We were moving into an old house that was being renovated.  With the help of The Little Carpet Shop in Chester we had chosen our carpet and booked the fitters to come.  Unfortunately, the builders were behind schedule.  We had no option, we had to reappoint the fitters. The Little Carpet Shop were very obliging.

Unfortunately however, when the fitters came, the dining room floor was still wet and the hall floor hadn't even been laid.  It wasn't a problem.  Steve and the guys fitted the sitting room and the stairs, leaving the bottom step until the hall floor was ready.  Even though they were very busy, they agreed a time when they could come back to finish the dining room.

Upstairs, things were going well.  Steve was just finishing the final bedroom.  This bedroom had a fireplace without a hearth, so all that was left to do was to fit the carpet into the fireplace. That was when Steve noticed the chimney.

The builders hadn't sealed the flue and it looked as if there was about to be a fall of soot. But unflappable Steve, simply covered up the carpet and said he'd come back. Again. He made another journey, after work this time, to fit a tiny piece of carpet into the fireplace and the bottom stair.
The carpets look lovely, The Little Carpet Shop is great and Steve was brilliant. I would be delighted to recommend The Little Carpet Shop to anyone. 

Name on request

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